This Is Personal

When we are dealing with any issue, whether it’s excess weight, painful joints, sleep problems, menstrual irregularities, or emotional strains, we need to internally balance.  How do we bring balance back into the body?  By fueling it with foods that support you.

A personal approach needs to be taken in order to achieve an internal balance. 

Just as we respond to the weather outside, our bodies respond to what we eat.  Typical ‘diets’ (I am not a huge fan of boxing in the way we eat – food is a necessity, not a fad) don’t take into account your body’s natural signals of imbalance, hence the symptoms in the first paragraph.  Yes it’s good to maintain a healthy weight, but that is so vastly different for everyone that it can be hard to know what’s best for YOU.

We are all born with different DNA.  One diet does not fit everyone.  We evolve and so do our lifestyles.  Our nutrition needs to be a personal journey that changes with us.  There is nothing more effective than having a personal relationship with how we feed ourselves – it is a survival skill that has been pushed to the side with our busy lives, chemical-ridden processed foods, and lack of education about the healing properties of whole foods.  Our modern medicine didn’t evolve overnight; it started from food.

By taking the time to observe where you are right now and determine what is out of balance, specific foods can restore the harmony to make your machine  run efficiently.  If your goal is to feel good and live a long and prosperous life, it’s time to start changing the way you see your food.

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