Behind the Name

Five Roots


Behind the number, there are 5 faces. Mike, Maureen, Liana, Molly, and myself (Caroline).  This is my family, my foundation, my eternal teachers, the ones who keep me on my path.  I am beyond grateful for my parents and my 2 older sisters who raised me and are still continuing to shape me.

Behind the number, there are 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  These elements of nature are the foundation in the constantly changing process of life.  Each element plays a role in balancing, creating, and generating; when there is a disharmony between nature’s orchestra, simple food and lifestyle adjustments are incorporated and a shift begins to happen.


Behind the word, there is a grounding presence that has no end.  Without our roots, we have no being; it’s where we start and where we return.  In order to make change, we have to return to the our original starting place and learn to readjust – solid foundations breed solid changes.

Behind the word, there is a forrest that has a lot to teach us.  Food was the original medicine; our body responds to the way it looks, feels, tastes, and smells.  Food can be our window to wellness or the door to disease… and only you have the power to decide.  Isn’t that exciting?  When we learn to stop numbly feeding ourselves, we realize there is so more to food – it truly makes us feel alive.

The most powerful tool humans have is the ability to FEEL.

Feel tired.  Feel happy.  Feel exhausted.  Feel anxious, mad, confused, excited… no one can tell us how to feel if we don’t agree with it.  Media, advertisements, politics, etc. tell us that chronic illness and disease is just part of aging.  But, what if it’s not?  What if we learned to recognize symptoms and take care of them before they get worse?  Balancing our system with proper fuel creates a smooth road for our lives to unfold.


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  1. campfire says:

    Great post, Caroline! Very inspiring. So blessed to have you as my little sis!


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