The Power of Ginger

I used to HATE ginger – it was too spicy, tasted like a rotten sour apple, and made my nose itch.  Fast forward to last month; I now drink ginger root tea every day and enjoy it.  Learning about how food runs through us internally has helped me enjoy certain foods because I learn how valuable it is for me.  And then… I start to feel different, but in a healthy way.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), ginger (called ‘Sheng Jiang’) is said to be warm, pungent, and travels to the lung, spleen and stomach channels.  It contains a substance called gingerol, which has been proven to stimulate mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract (aka can regulate healthy poop!), get rid of bloating, reduce inflammation, drive out pathogens in the body, and increases blood circulation.  Sounds like something the immune system would love!

Ginger can help the skin!  With its antioxidant effects, it can clear spots on the face and fill in wrinkles.  The most noticeable effect I’ve experienced is how much it’s helped my stomach.  I am rarely bloated, nauseous, or uncomfortable after eating.  It increases the fluids in the stomach and helps your belly churn everything so it digests easily.  Bacteria hates ginger – colds, sinus infections, and fevers can be avoided when ginger is consumed.  It can also counteract salmonella, which is why you see if served with sushi.

However, ginger is a strong root and may not be right for everyone.  Since it is warming to the system, you may react differently depending if you tend to a hotter or cooler constitution.  You should typically feel its effects after a cup or two of raw ginger root tea.  The worse thing that could happen?  You learn that ginger doesn’t do well for you.  Our life is made up of trials that help reveal to us how we need to take care of our body.

If you notice your hands and feet feel warmer, your stomach isn’t bloated, your headache clears, your nose opens up, or a burst of smooth energy, ginger may be something to hold on to.

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