Hold the Ice!

Iced drinks used to be viewed as a luxury in the 19th century; now it’s the norm for every glass of water set on the table!  If you have worked with me before, you know one of my guidelines is to ditch the ice and get used to room temperature water.  Can’t stand the ‘taste’ of ice-free water?  There’s a reason for that (I’ll touch on it soon)…

Why is ice bad?

Let’s think about the process of ice.  When water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, ice crystals begin to form; the amount of potential energy is reduced and water molecules slow down.  Water is frozen into a solid and we have ice!  Ice is cold, slow, and inhibits the smooth flow of liquid (think of ice freezing in the middle of a pond).

The same things happens in our body.  In order to successfully digest and use the nutrients in our body, we need to have a warm environment for our food to digest (just like nature… nothing grows in ice and snow!); if we have too much cold, the process is slowed down and ‘injured’.  Ice can deplete our digestive fire needed to metabolize food properly.

Ice also freezes… joints, muscles, tendons, etc.  Wonder why joints hurt worse when it’s cold outside?  When we make our internal environment cold, it can do the same thing.  Our body is internally warm so we don’t want to throw ice into a pot of warm water!

Do you crave ice cold water?  You may have some extra heat inside – by feeding yourself more cold, it will just keep trying to balance by creating more heat.  It’s all about balance.  Too much cold on top of too much heat just makes the heat drive higher.  You must work on bringing down the out-of-control heat by neutralizing your system.

Incorporate a week of neutral-temperature water and see if you notice any changes.  Give your aches a break and opt for no ice – your body will thank you in the long run!



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