Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Fatigue.  Have you broken the word down?

Chronic- an issue that continues to arise and never fully resolve.

Fatigue- extreme tiredness not better with rest.

It is a real thing.  The symptoms exist, they can be painful, very limiting, and extremely emotional.  Why won’t it go away?  The world is spinning around a mind that’s trying to settle and work harder and harder, giving up the present moment to fully live in someone else’s life.  When the mind is focused on the external, it has nothing to replenish for the self.

Chronic Asthma.

Another breakdown of the word… an issue performing the essential movement of life – breath.  The inability to fully breathe and nourish the organs.  Blocked airways preventing energy exchange.

Chronic Obesity.

Unable to lose weight; cannot let go of fat.  The inability to let go leads to malfunction of the organs, body, and mind.  The storing function of the body outweighs the excreting function.

Notice the trend?  These diseases (I tend to use that word loosely, as I believe a disease is purely an imbalance in the body, not an assignment or a title) can be correlated to roadblocking patterns that keep emerging in life.  Fatigue… we aren’t giving enough to ourself to replenish.  Asthma… fear and grieving may not be expressed enough.  Obesity… unable to let go and move beyond our barriers.

Instead of managing chronic diseases, we should work on STOPPING them so we keep progressing on our path.  Whether the imbalance is emotional, physical, or a mixture of both (they almost always are), you can fix it.  We are told that we need medicine and something to numb the pain.  That won’t fix anything!  It continues to get stuffed down until it can’t take anymore.  Poof!  Symptoms start up, make us irritable/sad, relationships shift, diet suffers, etc…

The issue can sometimes get lodged so deep that we don’t even recall where it truly started.  The protection we build around the issue becomes the new norm; inhaler in the gym bag, extra 5 pounds around our waist, 36 ounces of coffee per day just to function ‘normally’.

How long are you going to keep ignoring your symptoms?

The worst thing that could happen if you stopped ignoring them is that you would stay in pain.  So why not try?  Peel back your layers and expose your patterns.  What forks do you keep coming to in your road?  Whether it’s narcissistic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, negative self-talk, or lack of confidence, there is a thread that ties most of it together.  You just have to trust it and give it a tug.

Don’t let your pattern define you.  You can chose how to live your life with each decision you make.  Surround yourself with uplifting people (yes, there are a lot out there if you’re open), eat foods that are rich in nutrients, sit with yourself, realize that you have to be the best you before giving it away to others.

Your symptoms do not have to be chronic – just do the work.

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