E(nergy in) Motion

What happens with our emotions?

Upon starting school for Chinese Medicine, I suddenly became surrounded by people who influenced my way of thinking.  The wonder of ‘why’ became a focus for the majority of moments.  It forced me to step back and peel off a layer which was obstructing the view just so I see another perspective of how reality can be seen.  One of these layers was our physical outer layer of ‘us’… our skin, our muscles, our fat, bones, organs, hair.  You get what I’m saying.  These things that we call ‘I’.  We take so much pride in protecting what’s outside!  Rightfully so because God-forbid we get wrongfully judged.

But what about the thought that flashes into your mind of when you got rejected from something you wanted so bad?  That punch in the gut can come unexpectedly and shake us up from the ground, leaving us exposed.

dark darkness loneliness mystery

It’s an uncomfortable state – experiencing feelings is weird.

We don’t know what to do with them, so we choose to ignore the uncomfortable, create the comfortable, and move on.  What’s the use in attaching feelings to something that scared us?  There’s a potential it could hurt, so we turn our heads.

Well, when a similar response to a situation pops up again and ‘feelings’ happen, there’s already an attachment bonded to that experience.  Eventually, we drift from the very first thing was that triggered that emotion (energy in motion) – could it have been something when you were 7 years old that now, is just a daily right-sided-temple headache?

How can pain be manifested from previous emotions?

An approach to viewing pain is that is all stems from emotions.  I can feel the eye-rolls as I type that sentence, as I love talking about it to friends, so catching slack from them always makes me laugh 🙂  Whether or not is ‘real’ is just a personal experience which is never to be judged… it just is.  There’s my disclaimer for this post!

We take food, an outside physical thing, put it in our mouths, chew and our body automatically knows what to do with it.  It knows what energy to store it as, when it should be used, and when to get rid of it.  Could our thoughts and emotions go through a similar process?

You eat a spicy chili, your eyes begin to tear up, both ears and cheeks turn red, and you heat up with a bright face.  Someone at work cuts you off mid-sentence, making you so mad that your cheeks turn pink while your fists and jaw clench tight.  Whichever experience you have, this heat-driven energy rises (like flames that flare up), creates more dryness (can make it more tense, less flexible), and can get stuck if not released or controlled by its opposite, water.

Every pain has a source.  It is there to remind us of something.

For example:

Tight shoulders = carrying too much weight of a relationship/work/world or personal view

Poor posture = no strength to pick yourself up; closed off on the inside, trying to hide or cover something

Tight hips = having trouble moving forward in life; uncomfortable with taking initiative

Low back pain = insecure, weak willpower, constant fear

If those emotions are written in our story every day just like a routine, our body wants to hold onto it, knowing it will feel that again soon.  Like a force of protection that holds a shield.  It may give us some dull, achey pains, but the mental story of those emotions were not dealt with before so now it’s reminding us in a new way.  Like a baby fussing, crying, or wiggling – it’s all feedback in a different form of communication.

black blue and orange concrete brick

However, there is a place and time for acute, traumatic pain.  I’m not diving into that or taking it lightly – it is all real pain!  Different perspectives on a vast field of levels.  Fun fact, I did have a teacher who swore that if a brick fell on us while walking and broke our shoulder, rewind and ask yourself what you were thinking when the brick fell.  I’ll leave you with that  😉

There are fixes for any pain – surgery is such an amazing modality to keep things working.  But, that may not address that emotion that serves as a trigger, releasing hormones to signal the body to ‘do its thing’.

Give your body permission to sit with some emotion and feel what it does to you.  Maybe your breathing is shallow, making it hard to catch a full inhale.  The tension can cut us off from reaching a point to breathe deeply, one of the most primal actions we come into this world with!

There it is.  It all comes down to where we came from, where the experience started, and why we can’t let it go.  Are we scared that it is a part of our identity we would lose?  The feeling of change and learning to adapt in a new situation takes work and requires attention… two things that we constantly overdo.

Becoming present with yourself is the greatest healing modality you have; you are fulfilling the story you have written about yourself.

Obey your body’s stop signs and recognize they are there to keep life flowing smoothly.

red and white stop road signage

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nan Allard says:

    Loved. This. One.! It felt like it was written for me personally, lol!I was just wondering if you had thought to ask your teacher about holes in hearts? And I am curious to know if there is some weird thing that causes some babies to feel fear about birth? There are some interesting studies about sons, grandsons and so on of POWs. Theory being that the trauma travels on the Y chromosome. Just wondering if some weirdness applies to some babies that prevents that most important closure in the heart, and if it does something to one emotionally…Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


  2. Kristin says:

    This makes me question all of my pain! If a diagnosis I have is actually true or just trapped stuff? So interesting!!


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