A Chance to Lean into the Unknown

Stand up for yourself.

The reason we seek out help in others is because we don’t have enough present awareness shining on our weak points.  We don’t have enough light to brighten it up ourselves.

Or so we think.

What are comments we hear from others?  What is it that sparks something in us to react?  There are little triggers hidden inside us that can flip and shift our perspective.

When we surround ourselves with people that flip these switches, we are able to see it more and more within ourselves.  They begin to shine their light into us, like the sun shines onto the leaves, and we begin to grow.  These switch-flippers point out something inside of us that we can’t see; if we begin to believe it, we can then take that illuminated area and see it a little clearer.  It’s not so foreign, yet it is still unknown.

Having the art of a daily, consistent practice makes us dive in to that more and more so that it becomes something that becomes familiar enough to not react and have time to sit with it.

Evaluate.  Listen.  Watch.  Learn.

Your art of a daily practice is your own; once you can connect to something that lets your mind and body truly be present as one, we can sink further into tightness, restrain, and pain that may be blocking these dark, hidden areas.

If you continually have been shown only how it feels to stand back and let others speak for you, learn to stand up.  If you continually have been shown only how it feels to always carry too heavy of a load, learn to let go.  If you have continually been shown only how to instantly react and not feel heard, learn to sit and listen harder.

When we are imbalanced and leaning more towards one way of living, the other half is depleted, curled up underneath the dark side of the hill.  There’s no more attention being given enough to grow; the center line is no longer evenly split between two sides.  Our sense of stability isn’t as strong.

It’s not easy to bring back a centering shift; it’s unfamiliar territory and we don’t know how to respond.  It can bring up old memories as we start to remember what it was like to be on this now-darker side.  Aches, pains, weird emotions… in order to grow, we have to experience it, navigate it and bring back some equal balance to an outweighed scale.

There come a time where this light that shines in us gets so bright, we can grasp it ourselves.  We can change because we can finally see.  It was dark before but now can be full, a bit more even.  We can stand a little taller.  More full.

Dive in and feel it out.  Lean into the uncomfortable just a little bit.

You can do it… you just need to believe it.

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