Your Plan

I am here to offer my education and my support with continual, open communication.  Coming into awareness with how we fuel ourselves can be a process; that’s why I offer in-person and over-the-phone meetings to keep you feeling your best.

What your plan involves:

  • 1 hour initial consultation
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your personal needs
  • Additional check-ins over the corresponding weeks with adjustments as needed; full follow-ups (listed below) are 45-60 minutes
  • My continual support and communication throughout your process

I have options for:

  • one hour consultation with personalized recommendations
    • $85
  • 3 weeks + 1 follow-up
    • $145
  • 6 weeks + 3 follow-ups
    • $275
  • 8 weeks + 5 follow-ups
    • $325

During our time together, you will be provided with your individualized plan, adjustments with advice, and personalized guidance for long-term success. I am available via text/email in-between our follow-ups.  Your time is valuable; that is why I want to be there for you the entire process!

Returning Clients:

After completion of your initial plan, I offer follow-up options.  Check-ins with write-ups on your progress and new recommendations can be made for $40.  If more time is wanted beyond just one check-in, personal options are available depending on how much time is needed.

Contact me to get started!